Elemention offers the widest range of group classes to its members, where the energy of working out together in a group is combined with a schedule that allows a class to fit individual needs at convenient times throughout the day, everyday!-

Aerobics : Traditional floor and step aerobic movements providing an effective cardio workout. Suitable for all levels.

Step aerobics : Traditional step aerobics workout towards a highly effective cardio workout. Suitable for all levels

Yoga : A mind, body and soul class focusing on posture, breathing and complete physical fitness.

Body Tone & Stretch : A dynamic workout combining vasic body conditioning through stretching to tone and stretch the entire body.

Fatburner : A mix of cardio and toning exercises to knock off calories

E Core : A dedicated workout for the abs and back for better posture, flatter stomach, stronger back & enhanced overall performance.

Latin lovers : Salsa, samba, meringue, streetdancing- it all here at the studio.

Absolution : A hard hitting workout for a fab ab.

Abs, butt & thighs : A lower body workout towards a firmer middle that will let you wear the swimsuit you always wanted. 

Conditioning : A light conditioning group class for toning and conditioning forming a good combination with aerobics classes.

Spinning: High intensity workout on spin cycles with upto 500 calories burnt in 1 hour!