Elemention has a focus to provide personalized training to all its members. Each member gets a personal workout schedule, regular counseling and supervision with assistance on the gym floor.

However, some members require 1 on 1 sessions when they workout for whom Elemention offers Personal Training.

Personal Training has several benefits including-    

1. Accountability and motivation from the trainer- many members lack internal and sustained motivation. Being responsible and accountable to a Personal Trainer ensures that focus is maintained and the trainer stays accountable to your results!

2. Develop a routine- A Personal Trainer develops a much more varied and detailed workout plan for you so your results are achieved in the fastest way

3. Solid consistent support- for each session of yours, if you are too busy, tired, traveling or feeling stronger and want to push yourself harder, the Personal Trainer develops something for you each time

4. Proper technique and form- The Personal Trainer is with you for your entire duration of the workout. He watches and ensures each move of yours is correct.

5. Maximum workout/minimum time- that’s just what the Personal Trainer gets you to achieve

6. Faster results- Train for a marathon, treat your back injury or lose weight- results achieved faster with a Personal Trainer always